October 17, 2017
88.3 F (31.3 C)

Biking August 15, 2016

The EVA Bike Map makes it easy to bike around East Village.

This FREE downloadable map will be distributed at various East Village community events.

Look for more East Village bike-friendly programs coming soon.

Help us by filling out the following survey to improve mobility in East Village and get your community moving! Win a chance for bliss at Massage Envy East Village! It will take less than five minutes – fill it out in line while you’re waiting for your latte! And hurry, your relaxation can’t wait! The survey will close on August 18 at 12:00PM. Click HERE for the survey.
Bike Resources
  • DecoBike SD

    DecoBike technicians are rotating throughout day and night for service, updates, cleaning, and maintenance. Sometimes they find lost belongings in the bike baskets.

    If you or someone you know has lost or found an item after a DecoBike ride, email DecoBike at info@decobikesd.com with more information!

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