Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s controversial plan to transform a shuttered East Village skydiving center into a housing navigation center for homeless San Diegans is facing a new hurdle.

City Councilman Chris Ward, who represents downtown and leads the City Council’s homelessness committee, says he won’t support moving ahead with the project until the city comes up with an overarching strategy.

Ward told Lisa Halverstadt that he wants to see the city nail down priorities for addressing homelessness – and whether the navigation center concept should be a priority – before he’ll sign off on a proposed contract with nonprofit Family Health Centers of San Diego, which was selected to operate the center.

Ward’s decision follows a hail of concerns from advocates and neighbors about plans for the project and the city’s rush to purchase the skydiving building earlier this year.

Fellow City Council Democrat Barbara Bry said Tuesday she agrees with Ward.

The mayor’s team isn’t cool with Ward’s timeline – or the idea of waiting for a plan that’s likely months away. A spokesman says Faulconer’s office is pushing for a November City Council vote on the navigation center contract.