Dear Community Partner;

The UDA Foundation, UDA faculty, families, and friends will all gather at 840 14th

Street for the β€œCirque Urbain” themed Annual Gala on May 18, 2019. As a public

charter school within the San Diego Unified School District, UDA and id8High

receive less than $.72 on the dollar funding compared to traditional schools.

Therefore, the UDA Foundation, with the funds it will raise at this key event, will

help fund vital elements of a well-rounded education, such as field trips for hands on

community learning, in-school enrichment programs such as Visual &

Performing Arts, S.T.E.A.M and P.E., and construction of an on-site playground for

the K-8 students. This however is only possible through the generous support of

our community, parents, educators, dedicated philanthropists, and supportive

businesses like yourself.

UDA and IDEATE High Academy, the small network of charter schools that we

support, strive to offer simply the best educational experience for children from

all socio-economic backgrounds throughout San Diego. The program is revered,

in demand, and promotes community growth. The success of the structure and

curriculum has spawned the cutting-edge extension to not only the existing

secondary education program, IDEATE High Academy (id8High) but plans for a

second UDA campus and permanent home for id8High to include a Design

Thinking Incubation Lab to house adult and community learning. UDA is meeting

its mission: β€œto develop community-minded students who are active, creative,

empathetic, confident, and ready to lead our global society.”

Your generous contributions, and investment in our community and the

education of children from all socio-economic backgrounds throughout the entire

county is appreciated and will be prominently recognized via online recognition

and print communications related to the event. Additionally live auction items will

also be described and marketed by our auctioneer.

Public education is a public responsibility and your generous support enables

UDA and id8High to offer innovate learning opportunities and achieve superior

academic results for all its students. Your consideration of a 2019 charitable tax-deductible

donation is greatly appreciated.


Ed Abeyta, PhD

President, The UDA Foundation