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San Diego City College

San Diego City College is dedicated to being a multicultural institution with the highest priority for student learning and achievement. Here, the school strives to adapt to the ever-evolving educational, cultural, and economic needs of the urban core and surrounding communities of San Diego. We are committed to continue the tradition of academic freedom and responsibility, employee empowerment, and maintaining a supportive environment that encourages learning, understanding, and respect among students, faculty, staff, the community, and the environment.

San Diego City College

NewSchool of Architecture & Design

Globally recognized and awarded design university, San Diego’s NewSchool of Architecture & Design is known for its forward-thinking professors, an inspiring campus community, and top industry connections and collaboration opportunities. NewSchool students are innovative designers who are driven about pursuing exciting careers in the fields of architecture, design, and construction management. Starting on the first day of class, students explore and break through creative boundaries, while receiving hands-on experiences to provide the foundation and tools necessary to grow and succeed as a designer. 


Urban Discovery Academy

Urban Discovery Academy is a free-public charter school serving TK through 8th grade students in the heart of the IDEA District in East Village. Since opening in 2008, the Urban Discovery Academy serves to develop community-minded students who are active, creative, confident, and ready to lead our global society. Fostering a creative environment, project-based learning helps kids bridge the gap between learning and life, developing a mindset of innovation.


E3 Civic High School

e3 Civic High is a free public charter high school serving grades 9 thru 12 located in the landmark 400,000 square foot downtown San Diego Public Library. The three "e's" represent and drive our mission to Engage, Educate and Empower. It’s diverse population of scholars have clear college, workforce, and life targets including academic, civic engagement, and internships to prepare them for life after high school. Students at e3 Civic High are offered academic and wellness support as well as small class sizes.


East Village Middle College High School

East Village Middle College High School (EVMCHS) is a small, personalized learning environment located on the campus of San Diego City College (SDCC). As part of the Middle College National Consortium (MCNC), EVMCHS benefits from a unique partnership with SDCC in which students are dual enrolled at the college and earn up to 11 weighted college credits each semester, including optional summer sessions! This partnership provides students with a challenging, non-traditional high school experience on a college campus. EVMCHS graduates regularly complete in excess of 40 college credits while in high school and gain acceptance to "Top Tier, Four Year" universities throughout the country. Top students benefit from an academic platform in which ALL UC/CSU general education courses may be completed while in high school (free of charge), making EVMCHS the most accelerated and cost effective secondary academic program in the San Diego Unified School District. 


San Diego High School

San Diego High School is a pillar of the San Diego community and has been serving generations of students since its founding in 1882. SDHS is an IB World School that boasts highly engaging and rigorous courses preparing students for the most elite universities. SDHS also offers multiple California Partnership Academies including the Academy of Finance, GeoTech, and MedTech that provide mentorship, internships, field trips, and immersive learning experiences. In addition to academic enrichment, SDHS offers a myriad of extracurricular opportunities for students, including seasonal sports teams, ASB, Concert Bands, Choir, Color Guard, Drama, Orchestra, Yearbook, and a constantly growing list of school clubs which engage the interests of the student body.


Garfield High School

 At Garfield High School, we have deep roots in San Diego dating back nearly a century, as an alternative, continuation school for teens at high risk of dropping out of high school. The Continuation education program at Garfield High is tailored to meet the needs of at-risk secondary school students who are at least 16 years old, are credit deficient and/or whose grades would prevent them from graduating. Students are most often referred to Garfield High because they are credit deficient, attend irregularly and are habitual truants, are pregnant or parenting, need flexible school schedules to accommodate a need to work, or have social and emotional adjustment issues. Garfield High School opened in 1921 as the first continuation high school in the United States and has been designated a California Model Continuation High School by the California Department of Education. This designation recognizes outstanding programs that provide comprehensive services to at-risk youth through the use of exemplary instructional strategies, flexible scheduling, and guidance and counseling services.


San Diego Global Knowledge University

San Diego Global Knowledge University prepares students with an education that meets the demands of a rapidly changing world influenced by emerging technology and globalization. Our interconnected and highly dynamic economy demands that individuals have the skills to navigate these shifts and harness a global perspective to thrive in their careers. At our university, we provide a learning environment that promotes the development of these critical skills, enabling our graduates to become successful professionals.