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Upcoming/Current Board & Committee Packets

Board of Directors

July 2024 Annual Board of Directors Packet (Rescheduled)

Executive Committee

Chair: Terry McCleary (President)
Handles: Board & Committee Vacancy Oversight, Bylaws Oversight, Policy Oversight, Conflict-of-Interest Oversight, and Non-Budgeted Expenditures.

July 2024 Committee Packet

EVA FY24-26 Board Nominations Slate

District Identity & Placemaking (DI&P) Committee

Chair: Robyn Spencer, Co-Chair: Justin Navalle
Handles: Public Relations, Events, Sponsorship Development, and Public Space Development.

June 2024 Committee Packet

Parking & Mobility Committee

Chair: Hasan Ahmed
Handles: Parking Management, Parking Programs, Bike & Other Mobility Oversight, Special Projects Funded by PMRs, and P&M Relations with the City of San Diego.

January 2024 Committee Packet 

Civil Sidewalks Committee

Chair: Diana Puetz
Handles: Relations between the Downtown San Diego Partnership's Clean & Safe program, Quality of Life Issues, and Order, Cleanliness, & Safety Issues.

June 2024 Committee Packet    

Land-Use & Project Review Committee

Chair: Tyler Winslow
Handles: Review of New Development Projects, Public Authorities, New Alcohol Applications, and CUP & NUP Review.

March 2024 Committee Packet